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Project Team

We are a team of academics from Warwick Business School and University College London, and a policy researcher from the Centre for Health and Public Interest.


Marianna is a professor of Business Ethics at Warwick Business School. She holds degrees in medicine and obtained her PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She was Network Fellow at the Center for Ethics, Harvard University (2014–2015). She has published over 100 journal articles, books and book chapters on gender, inequalities and the marketization of public services. Her most recent book is Working Life and Gender Inequality: Intersectional Perspectives and the Spatial Practices of Peripheralization(Routledge 2021, co-edited with Angelika Sjöstedt and Katarina Giritli Nygren). She has carried out projects on patient choice, whistleblowing, alternative responses to the financial crisis, migration and refugees funded by National Institute for Health Research, ESRC, British Academy/Leverhulme Trust, British Academy of Management and the European Commission.

Amy is a lecturer in economic geography at University College London. Her research has examined changing patterns of ownership and working conditions in care homes. She has also explored how organisations in the UK and US are seeking to ensure that care is more highly valued. She has a background in policy research and campaigning. 

David is Director of the Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI), an independent non-party health policy think tank. During his work for the CHPI he has produced research on a wide range of health and social care policy issues, including pandemic preparedness, care home financing, the private finance initiative and patient safety. He was formerly Head of Policy and Research at the General Social Care Council where he oversaw policies relating to the regulation of the social care workforce.

Derya is a Lecturer in Work and Organisation at the University of Sussex Business School. Previously, she held research posts in externally funded, multi-partner, impactful projects on care homes (University of Warwick), co-working spaces (University of Bristol), whistleblowing (University of Greenwich), and domestic abuse services (non-for-profit organisations). She worked on the FICCH project as a research fellow contributing especially to the workforce study and policy impact activities. Her current research focuses on digitalisation of affective labour in health and social care and the wellness industries.

Aaron has recently completed a PhD on employee ownership and alternative forms of organisation within public service delivery as a part-time mature student. Aaron’s research focused on the meaning and value of ownership to staff within the health and social care field, and also the implications for non-managerial ways of working and workplace democracy.  He focused on two case-studies using ethnographical and qualitative methods. He continues to write and present in various fora about alternative forms of organising including The Cooperative Party, Involvement and Participation Association and within health and local government. As well as researcher, he also continues to work part-time as a senior manager in the NHS and local authority field in parallel. 

Panos is a final year PhD student at the OHRM division of Warwick Business School. He holds master degrees from Imperial College Business School, Athens University of Economics and Business, and the University of Athens. His research interests focus on employees' silence of and sexual harassment in healthcare.

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