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13 April 2023

Amy Horton writes for the Guardian

In her commentary for the Guardian, Amy Horton emphasised that the government support must go to the frontline:

‘When more public money is injected to cope with these challenges, a future pandemic or other economic shock, it must go to the right uses. To make sure that happens, the government needs to get a grip on the finances of care homes.

That means greater transparency on how companies split their income between staffing, facilities, rent, debt repayments and profit. Decision makers should seek to promote forms of provision that offer both good quality care and good quality jobs, and take account of the evidence that shows varying outcomes by ownership type. All of this could guide a new framework for emergency public support for private care home companies, so that individual residents and the public purse aren’t left subsidising extraordinary returns to investors. Bailing out companies, without protecting care staff from burnout, is no way to care for the sector.’

Read the full article here.