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Other Resources

There are many different ways the team communicate research findings, policy implications and recommendations. 

This page contains our non-academic work including newspaper articles, summary papers, think-tank reports, video blogs and other media as well as those by our project partner CHPI.

Rowland, David. 2021. Johnson’s social care reforms do nothing to guarantee the future of the ailing care home sector and could even make the problem worse. LSE British Politics and Policy.

Published 21 September 2021

Fotaki, M. & Kenny, K. 2020. Coronavirus shows the dangers of letting market forces govern health and social care. Conversation.

Published 14 July 2020

Horton, A. 2019. Financing care. Fabian Society. 4 July.

Published 4 July 2019

Kotecha, V. (2019) Plugging the Leaks in the UK Care Home Industry- Strategies for Resolving the Financial Crisis in the Residential and Nursing Home Sector. CHPI.

Fotaki, M. 2013. Who cares? Market forces, social care and the NHS. Open Democracy. 2 December.

Published 2 December 2013

Fotaki, M. 2013. On Compassion, Markets and the Ethics of Care. CHPI. 27 November.

Published 27 November 2013

Fotaki, M., Ruane, S. & Leys, C. 2013. The future of the NHS? Lessons from the market in social care in England. CHPI.

Please find more resources by our project partner CHPI on their website.

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